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Enclosed Face Shield Hood Pattern Tutorial

I have been worrying a lot about our re-entry to school and daily life, since there are still so many questions about how contagious and dangerous the COVID-19 virus is. In an attempt to stop wallowing in my worry, I got to work coming up with a pattern for a fully-enclosed fabric hood and clear plastic face shield.

  • Made from materials that are easily accessible and inexpensive.
  • Uses a baseball cap as the support structure, which allows for a more comfortable and cool fit.
  • Allows the wearer's face to be seen (important for lip reading and speech).
  • Causes minimal glasses fog.
  • Washable for repeated use.
  • Has a double layer of fabric, with no gaps, to prevent germ transmission.
  • NOT for hospital or medical use.
  • NOT OSHA certified.
  • Pattern is FREE to download and use for non-commerical, personal production. 

Download the pattern to print HERE. This is a large (24"x14") page. If you have trouble tile printing it, try the multipage pdf HERE.


I purchased the plastic (polycarbonate) from TAP Plastics. One sheet can be cut into enough for 12 shields and costs around $13 for the sheet.




Anne Sylte Bloom:

@Julie It’s one really big page, so if you print it at 100% it will come out on 8 different pages, then you have to tape them together.

Jul 17, 2020


Your pattern download is only showing one page, not the 8 shown in the video.

Jul 17, 2020

Anne Sylte Bloom:

@louana and @lee
Sorry about that! I thought they called it polyethylene, but I checked the website and it’s actually polycarbonate. I used the .015 thickness. It was a little over $13 for a 2′×4′ sheet. If you are careful, you can get 12 shields out of one sheet.

Jul 17, 2020

louana wall:

I contacted TAP Plastics this morning and there is come confusion about what I need for the face shield. The staff there suggested I may want polycarbonate sheet .02 2’X4’ that can be cut to desired size at home. They suggested the polyethelene would need to be cut with a laser. What do you think??

Jul 17, 2020


Did you use the low density or high density polyethylene plastic?

Jul 17, 2020

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